The Next Big Thing


Up until now, we at StartUp Options have focused on smaller business ideas. Well, who is to say your not sitting on the next Pinterest, PayPal, or Facebook? You may know you have a great idea but how could you ever get the publicity and financial support to turn your idea into the Next Big Thing? Every year more and more startup conferences are held. These conferences give the beginner entrepreneur a chance to get their foot into the door. You will attend seminars on all kinds of different topics that will assist you in making your idea a reality. You will be able to network, gain media exposure, and perhaps even pitch some VCs. There are many different conferences out there. At the top of your list should be The StartupBus and The Startup Conference. The StartupBus gives a new twist on a “startup conference”. For more info click here. The Startup Conference is a very large and well known conference that almost 2,000 eager entrepreneurs attend. What’s is it like to attend a conference like this? Check out Deborah Drake’s article at Authentic Writing Provokes for a firsthand account about attending The Startup Conference. O yea, earlier in the article we mentioned Pinterest, what we didn’t mention was that Pinterest was pitched at The Startup Conference before anyone ever heard of them. You could be next!

Maybe you don’t have the Next Big Thing figured out…but attending a startup conference may just spark the idea you have been waiting for!

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